'Essential Listening: Roots Manuva' For TicketArena

There are few Hip Hop artists in the world, let alone the UK, who have mastered the arts of lyricism and rap flow, alongside the musical production behind it, to the level of distinction that Rodney Smith has achieved. Few too have managed to stay relevant and innovative for such lengthy tenure, collaborating with a variety of popular artists across several decades. Taking elements of Hip Hop from across the Atlantic, Smith added the warm, weighty bass lines of Caribbean dub culture fused with the more crude modulations of later UK bass music to create an entirely new sound. Garnishing this amalgamation of sound with highly original vocal delivery, alternating in tone, accent and lexis across each bar, Roots Manuva is the uncompromising yet widely accessible offspring of Kingston and London sound that in many ways paved the way for Grime at the turn of the century. 

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